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These webpages are primarily a tool for my family and friends to drop by and see recent ( and not so recent) photos, so if you landed here by accident then there is probably nothing here of interest for you, though you are welcome to look around should you wish.
Photos are arranged in sections, to view a section click on a link (below).
If you have arrived here by typing "Guernsey" in a search engine and would like to see some nice pictures of the island without my family getting in the way try the "Guernsey Scenic" link - photo's taken July/August 2007.

UPDATE 24/JULY/08 - ANOTHER MAJOR PHOTO FEST -Gervaises 60th Birthday in June added to family section, plus a lot of catching up due to leaving things so long so more photos added to Parson Drove section from the last 6 months.

UPDATE 2/DEC/07 - MAJOR PHOTO FEST -My 50th Birthday Party Photos added to Parson Drove section, a few more in Family section and more You Tube movies ( sorry they are a bit dark).

UPDATE 7/OCT/07 - Some new photos added to Parson Drove section and more You Tube movies ( 3 now, more coming very soon).

UPDATE 27/SEPT/07 - E-Bay and You Tube links added ( only one movie so far, more coming next few days).

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