Gervaise's 60th Birthday (27th).

June 28th & 29th June 2008 (Fort Picklecombe, Cornwall).

Saturday June 28th - Afternoon.

Gervaise & Rebecca

Flora & Bridget

Flotty, Baz & Emma

Pa & Cousin David

Pa & Dave

Felicity, Toot, & Becky


Toots' Sitting Room, Fort Picklecombe.

View from Toots' Sitting Room, Plymouth Sound (Devon).

Plymouth Sound .

Plymouth Sound.

View from Toots' Sitting Room, Cawsand (Cornwall).

Below Sitting Room Balcony, (F.P.Harbour).

Below Sitting Room Balcony, (F.P.Cove).

Below Sitting Room Balcony, Plymouth Sound.

Below Sitting Room Balcony.

Below Sitting Room Balcony.

Cawsand Ferry

Swimming Pool, Fort Picklecombe.

Thats Flotty.

Toots' Balcony - Me.

Pa & Me.

Saturday June 28th - Evening. Cawsand Bay Hotel.

Sunday June 29th - Morning & Early Afternoon.

Cawsand Bay from CB Hotel (dirty) window, Fort Picklecombe in distance.

Cawsand Bay (east)

Cawsand Bay (west)

Plymouth from road between Cawsand and Fort Picklecombe.

Lovely weekend, then a long mid-afternoon into the late evening drive back to Parson Drove, just 20 mins short of arriving home received a phonecall diverting me to the pub - click here

Pete's 50th Birthday Party

November 24th 2007 (Parson Drove)


Bridge, Emms, Fiz, Pete, Toot.

Bridge & Becky.

Flotty & Becky.

Sunday, Tea at Toots

October 21st 2007 (London)

....same venue a Sunday or two earlier


JUNE 16th 2007 (London)