Everton Football Club

Below are some pics taken watching Everton over the years, this is a work in progress, I've got a lot of unscanned pics and some of the older ones here were scanned years ago and I'll get round to re-scanning them sometime soon to get better quality.

Early Years.
My 1st Match, Southampton v Everton 1970/71.

1972 - living in Sierra Leone but no matter how hot, Saturday I'd wear my EFC scarf.

1982 Bruges - Pre-seaon tournament in Belgium. Me, ?, Pete Dale, Tony Appleby, John Collings.

Day before League Cup Final 1984, at a wedding but still covered the car with EFC stickers etc.

1984 FA Cup Final - Leaving for Wembley.

1984 Ee-Ai-Adio Everton Won The Cup - and the Charity Shield.

Boxing Day 1984 at Sunderland, Me,John Collings, Theresa. Never been so bloody cold, but we won (2-1).

1985 - Everton won the League and the Cup winners Cup.

Ann ( who dressed like this whererever we went - had to lose her at Leeds !)

Ann & John

Won the Charity Shield again too...

1985/86 - On the staircase at Goodison underneath the famous loco-plate.

The usual ESCLA card school on the train home to London, I'd be getting fleeced by John Smith and JC as usual I imagine.

1987 - Steve Brimble & Me, Another League Championship - and the Charity Shield of course.

John Collings

1995 Cup Winners - and I got to go to the banquet.

Me and Angela

Angela & I - and Paul Rideout, scorer of the Cup Winning goal ( I've had a few - not obvious eh?).

Marilyn (Mrs JC) & Angela.

Big Dunc & Angela.

Rhino & Angela

More to come but that'll have to be another day - better get on with some proper work.