ON OUR HOLS, GUERNSEY, July/August 2007.

Ferry outbound, Flotty, Becky, Felicity.

Flotty, Emma, Pete.


Bridge & Gerv, Vazon.

Flotty, Swimming Pool at Del Mar Court.

Les Cornus, our home 1967/68.

Les Cornus, Pete, Emma, Bridge, Gerv, Felicity.

Grounds of Blanchelande College (ex) - Emma, Flotty, Becky, Felicity, Gerv, Bridge.

Blanchelande - Gerv & Becky.

Blanchelande - Emma & Flotty

Felicity & Flotty

From Memorial Gardens looking at Mill Cottage, our home 1968/70

Mill Cottage

View of Memorial Gardens and Victoria Tower from Mill Cottage end.

This used to be the Arsenal Fish & Chip shop - this is not a change for the better.

Pete - Portelet Bay


Gerv & Bridge, Cobo.

Gerv & Bridge, Cobo.


Becky & Felicity, Cobo.

Emma & Flotty, Cobo.

Flotty & Emma, Cobo.

Bridge,Becky, Felicity, Gerv, Flotty & Emma, Cobo.

Bridge,Becky, Felicity, Gerv, Emma & Pete, Cobo.

Sunset, Cobo.
Photos below by Bridget.

Bridge,Becky, Emma & Gerv, Petit Bot ?

Town, St.Peter.Port.

Felicity & Emma, La Vallette Pools, St.Peter.Port.

Bridge & Becky, Cobo

Becky, Cobo

Flotty, Cobo

All of Us, Cobo